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Friends of the Village of Shiawassee County

The Historical Village Operates at Virtually NO COST to the City of Corunna. The many generous donations of time, skills, gifts and cash provide for a quality community resource and preservation of our community heritage!

Primary funding for village operations comes from rental of the village church and other donations. Primary funding for improvements to the village comes from the Friends of the Historical Village, a 501-C3 not for profit organization

Anyone who is interested in promoting the Village is eligible for membership in this group.  A member in good standing means a member whose dues are paid for the current year.  Members in good standing and in attendance at meetings would be able to vote on the election of officers, changes in dues, revisions of By-laws, and disbursements of money over $100, or any other issues not designated to be the duties of the Executive Board.

Make payment to Friends of the Corunna Historical Village.

Membership Printable Forms

If you want to volunteer at the villiage, click the link below for a printable form.

Volunteer Printable Forms