About Us

Mission Statement:

The Friends of the Corunna Historical Village of Shiawassee County is a not for profit, volunteer organization dedicated to supporting and funding the efforts of the Corunna Historical Commission to provide continued development of the village as a means of educating the public about local area history.

Purpose and Functions of the Corunna Historical Groups

  1. To create public support for the Corunna Historical Village.
  2. To encourage gifts, endowments, and memorials for the Corunna Historical Village.
  3. To provide direct financial assistance within the scope of this activity.
  4. To seek out and institute means to intensify community awareness and greater use of the Corunna Historical Village.
  5. To sponsor programs designed to increase interest in the Village by calling attention to services and programs available at the Corunna Historical Village.
  6. To arrange for volunteer help to increase completion and expansion of the village.