(1) When are your buildings open?   The buildings are open to the public the afternoon of the 4th of July, the first two weekends in December in the evenings, and other special events.  Dates may be found under Events and Tours in the menu. Other times would be for scheduled tours.

 (2) How do I schedule a private tour? You can call Margaret at 810-610-0796.

(3)  Who do I contact to bring a school group to visit the village?
Again, call Margaret at the number above.

(4) What age children benefit from a guided tour? The village buildings provide an excellent opportunity to teach elementary and middle school age children about local history.  It is our experience that preschool children, kindergarten, and first graders do not have the concentration or motivation to sit still for a docent presentation.

(5) Where can I park my car?  T
here is parking available on Gov. Parson’s Drive near the park restroom.  School buses may drive into the village to drop the students off at the school.  Wedding guests may park in the parking area on the south side of the church.  No vehicles should park in the village drive.

(6) Is the village handicap accessible
The only buildings that are handicap accessible are the church, the Webster Davis-Kribs home, the Blacksmith shop, and the Lawson’s Bicycle Museum.  Other buildings have 2 to 4 steps to enter.

(7) What is your policy regarding professional photography in the Village?
  We appreciate that so many local photographers consider our beautiful buildings and grounds for their business.  The park is open to the public and photographers do not require permission, nor is there a charge to shoot on the grounds (although a donation is always appreciated).  We ask you to please replace benches you move for pictures back to their original position.  Also, if a wedding party has reserved the church and grounds for their wedding, the wedding photographer has the right to notify other photographers that they have the grounds reserved.

Other questions about the village can be directed to Margaret Waters (989) 723-1204, cell (810) 610-0796 or email her at: watersdm@msn.com